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Tara Farquhar-Hagen, your Seattle Realtor

Selling Your Home

Marketing Your Property

As your real estate consultant, I use five basic marketing procedures to obtain the best price for your home:

  1. Analysis
  2. Preparation
  3. Exposure
  4. Negotiation
  5. Closing

You will be updated on the progress of your transaction at least twice a week by me and you are encouraged to contact me with any additional questions and concerns.

Step 1: Analysis

To arrive at a reasonable estimation of market value, it is necessary to study the sales prices of other homes in your area. As your real estate consultant, I look at the price each seller was asking, the home's final sales price, how long it was on the market, and the terms under which it sold. In comparing homes, it is nearly impossible to find an identical match, so it is important to make accurate adjustments for size, condition and location.

Pricing a home correctly at the beginning is one of the most important steps. Homes that are overpriced often just sit, becoming "shop-worn" and resulting in a lower sales price than they deserve.

Step 2: Preparation

When your home looks its best, it will generate buyer interest and give you more sales opportunities of better quality. As well, this demand for your home gives you greater negotiating strength and could result in a higher sales price. Make sure your house has a clean, fresh look and you will be happy with the results. If your house is empty, you may also want to discuss "staging" it with select furnishings provided by a staging professional. (Please ask me for staging company recommendations).

Buyers often make decisions based on their emotional response to what they see. A clean, sharp home is guaranteed to bring the results you want. As your real estate consultant, I will spend time with you to walk through your home and consult you on any final touches.

Step 3: Exposure

My goal is to create satisfied customers and the best possible marketing environment. I will provide the following services to help you make informed decisions and market your home effectively.

  1. Submit your listing to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), which allows thousands of Real Estate Professionals and Buyers to find information on your listing and see interior and exterior photos of your home. The NWMLS consists of approximately 800 Companies with more than 14,000 Agents. The goal of the NWMLS is to share our listings with all companies so that the best Buyer for your home can be found. It is essential that Sellers understand the importance of exposing their home to all Companies prior to accepting an offer. Total exposure gives Sellers the opportunity to attract the best Buyers.
  2. Provide national exposure,
    1. On the Lake & Company website including photographs and a summary of your home's features.
    2. On my own web site, www.evabrandenburg.com, including details of your home's features, interior and exterior photographs.
    3. My website will be advertised in the Seattle Times.
    4. On Realtor.com as an enhanced listing not as just a regular listing. Enhanced means a customized home description and multiple photos.
  3. Hold Broker's open houses to encourage maximum exposure of your home to Real Estate Professionals.
  4. Hold weekend open houses. This will allow the general public to view your home and generate Buyer interest.
  5. Advertise to local, regional and neighborhood newspapers on a regular basis.
  6. Show your home to all qualified Buyers. Many have been referred to us by satisfied customers. Others have chosen to work with Lake & Company through their interest in another of our listings.
  7. Create flyers which help both Real Estate Professionals and Buyers to focus on the special features of your home.
  8. Be personally present to protect your best interests when any and all offers are presented to you.
  9. Help with the negotiations and, if the offer isn't acceptable as is, assist with the counter-offer.
  10. Inspect and approve the Buyer's house if the Buyer must sell that house contingent to buying yours.

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Step 4: Negotiation

Buyers will often offer much less than your asking price. As your Real Estate Consultant, I am skilled in how to strike a balance between the price you have asked for your home and the price that is being offered. It is important that an agreement satisfy both the Seller and the Buyer and be in line with the fair market value of the home. We know how to create a win-win situation so that both parties feel they've gotten a "good deal".

The Seattle Market often creates multiple offers for a Seller with an exceptional property. Pricing is a key factor to receive multiple offers along with location and the appeal of the house. When multiple offers are made I will be able to help you identify the best offer presented.

Step 5: Closing

After there has been an agreement, loan deadlines have to be made, inspections must be cleared in writing, title insurance must both be ordered and cleared in writing and communication must be ongoing with Escrow Processors. As your Real Estate Consultant I will manage these details on a daily basis and keep you informed on the progress of the closing. I will be present at your signing appointment at the Escrow office and will coordinate the exchange of keys on the day of closing.

My goal as your Real Estate Consultant is to provide you with the best possible service even long after closing. I will keep you updated with my monthly Real Estate newsletter and you are encouraged to call me with any Real Estate questions. The highest compliment you can pay me is to entrust your family and friends with me.

Tara Farquhar-Hagen, Real Estate Broker at Lake & Co.
Direct: 206-713-0014
Fax: 206-527-8837
Email: tara@lakere.com
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